T40C Large 3 Channel Helicopter

Here’s a remote controlled helicopter that puts all those other RC flying machines in the shade and will give a record of what the helicopter sees

This large T40C 3.5 channel helicopter comes complete with on-board High Definition camera and is capable of taking photos and recording videos straight onto the included 2GB micro SD card and then copied to your computer or laptop with the supplied Micro SD USB card reader. With servo controlled blades and a 2.4GHz control, it is perfect for outdoor flying and is incredibly stable and amazingly easy to fly which makes it perfect for the beginner. The Gyro system ensures the helicopter rotors keeps spinning even in strong winds and also determines the flight heading of the helicopter. The Gyro is the core component used to determine the helicopter's directionality and does this by balancing the speed of the motors to counteract any torque rotation caused by the main blades spinning. It also has an efficient coaxial-rotor structure, whereby the helicopter incorporates two sets of main rotors, an upper and lower set to allow stability without the use of a tail rotor. The double motors mean that one motor powers a separate rotor, ie one motor powers the upper blades, and one the lower blades, providing powerful driving force for the flight.

This amazing chopper provides long control distance (up to 150 meters), strong anti-interference ability, small power consumption, and rapid response. To record your journey during flight, press the record button on the transmitter, and save your flight images and video to the SD card.  The camera angle is adjustable, and it can be turned on or off when necessary by using the remote control. With this helicopter, you will now be able to see a high definition birds-eye view of your surroundings. Thanks to an onboard LED searchlight, flying in low light areas is easy, looks good and provides a bright forward facing light to help with orientation.


    In built MEMS GYRO to ensure stability
    Video is recorded in AVI format onto the supplied
    3 Channel which means the helicopter is capable of going forwards, backwards, left and right
    Charging Time: 3 hours
    Flying Time: 7-9 minutes
    Flight distance control - up to 150 metres
    2.4 GHz Radio controlled transmitter
    Battery: 7.4v 1500mAH Li-poly
    Requires 3xAA batteries for the controller (not included)
    Helicopter is charged via AC mains charger

Product Video :

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What's in the Box

    Ready to fly T40 Large Remote Controlled el Helicopter
    2,4 GHz Controller
    7.4v 1500mAH Li-poly Battery
    Instruction manual

Source : http://www.menkind.co.uk

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